Bits and Pieces

I want to keep trying new things, so I’ve created a new design to stitch in 2024!

Center of the World

This is the story of 365 days of my life as told in tiny embroidered images.

Stear of Yitch

Somehow, I began 2022 with the intention of starting not one but two yearlong embroidery projects?!

Spiraling Life

While there were some choice moments scattered throughout this leg of the journey, overall I am going to issue 3 stars out of a possible 10, and I will not be leaving a tip for the driver.

Taking the Temperature

I think trying something new, discovering that it isn’t what you thought or hoped it would be, and moving on to something else instead is part of the process of artistic and self-discovery.

February 6: Oath

I didn’t really feel like writing about Medieval times or foul-mouthed folks today, so I found my way to the Hippocratic Oath.

February 5: Fight

Kids can’t hold their breath for shit, but I had the lung capacity of an adult (30-90 seconds) by middle school.

February 4: Legend

I feel like I’m doing the writing equivalent of exfoliating—sloughing off the half-realized ideas to get at the smooth, fresh meat of what I really want to write.

February 3: Stars

It became the beach, and two friends looking from their tiny, cozy world into the vastness of space.

February 2: Focus

When the prompt for the second day of Flash Fiction February was “focus,” tilt-shift photography was the first thing that came to mind.