February 5: Fight

Kids can’t hold their breath for shit, but I had the lung capacity of an adult (30-90 seconds) by middle school.

February 4: Legend

I feel like I’m doing the writing equivalent of exfoliating—sloughing off the half-realized ideas to get at the smooth, fresh meat of what I really want to write.

February 3: Stars

It became the beach, and two friends looking from their tiny, cozy world into the vastness of space.

February 2: Focus

When the prompt for the second day of Flash Fiction February was “focus,” tilt-shift photography was the first thing that came to mind.

February 1: Very Peri

Lexi turned back to her computer and flicked the touchpad a few times. A cursor beckoned to her from the blank rectangle of the text editor. Ignoring the design work with its lurking deadline, she began to type.