Challenge Day Eleven

My friends are basically famous.

Today was a special day. I tried to get as many things done as I could before we drove to Tacoma today. I attended a reading where Tacoma’s Poet Laureate and one of my best friends in the whole world (Abby, who else?) launched her first full-length book of poetry. It’s called Hail and Farewell and some of the poems, I’ve read before, while others are new to me. The reading was a great success! I am super proud of her, and impressed by her, and lucky to be among her close friends.

It took almost two hours to drive there, but only an hour to drive home, because Seattle area traffic is the absolute worst. Including the reading itself and spontaneously going out for food after, I spent about seven hours on Abby today, and I consider it time exceptionally well spent. But, I didn’t get every little tiny thing done. I ended up not playing any music, when I thought I would play a lot, and I didn’t read much in the way of nonfiction (I read a little) but at the end of the day, I feel excellent about my day as a whole.

Daily Challenges

Intimate Time
CookingToday’s Menu: for breakfast, I made peanut butter bagels (that is, I put peanut butter on toasted bagels); for first lunch, I ate some cottage cheese and fruit; during the poetry reading, I snacked on broccoli pizza that Abby’s sister made (it’s so much taster than it sounds) and sun-dried tomato and pesto-filled phyllo pastry cups that their mom concocted (so fancy and good!); Abby’s husband treated me to a grilled cheese with tomato soup for dinner, and since I didn’t pay for it, I’m not going to count it against my challenge goal.
Reading (Poetry)Survival Guide” by Joy Ladin is a poem about how to deal with the people around you as you grow and change and become who you are:
So break out a box of Crayolas
and draw your family
looking uncomfortably away
from the you you’ve exchanged
for the mannequin
they named.
I love the message that embracing authenticity is the only way to thrive. It felt very appropriate for National Coming Out Day.
Reading (Fiction)The Poisonwood Bible is just so beautiful, you guys! Each chapter is a poetic little essay of its own, and the various narratives weave together to build a picture of each character and their collective life. My goal of 2+ pages per day is just getting smashed!
Reading (Nonfiction)I read a tiny bit more about mesh networks today, specifically the type that compose wireless ad hoc networks. I essentially read the introduction at the top, and after scrolling through the rest of the page to see the scope of what I need to know, I shelved it for later, because it wasn’t a priority for my day.
MusicI had planned to pluck on my uke with Guy and his dad, but I opted to visit with people I see infrequently instead. It feels like a fair trade, but I will definitely spend extra time playing music tomorrow.
Postcard PoemThis was one of the less obnoxious 20¢ postcards from the grocery store:

In a twist, this photo makes me think of coffee, so I wrote a poem about coffee. Coffee isn’t my favorite, and neither is this poem:

– Sarah Reebs
When you don’t drink coffee
In a coffee town,
The questions will never end:
Have you tried adding milk?
Lots of sugar? Chocolate?
Yes, all. I just do not enjoy it.
It tastes rancid and bitter,
Astringent and sour.
The aftertaste is a bit like bile.
Cold brewed, French pressed,
Espresso or drip—
I’m glad YOU enjoy; it’s all yours!
Trash PickupIt was a fairly light day; we cruised one of the regular routes that has been mostly cleansed:

Today’s Challenges

The only other thing on my list today was my abs challenge. This I executed sometime after lunch, before I took a shower to get ready to be in public for a book launch. I don’t have anything to say about it, except that it’s done. Is that progress? I guess so.

Tomorrow will be another Great British Baking Show/Bake-Off challenge day, so I better go get some sleep! (JK, we are going to watch the newest episode of that show, and then I will go dream of pastry.) Goodnight!