Challenge Day Twenty-Six

Love is in the air!

The things I didn’t do today were sacrificed in the name of the greatest gift one human can give another: a commitment to be by their side through growth and change, to cherish and adore them for as long as possible. I was honored to witness the union of two incredible women, one of whom I’ve known for almost the entire time I’ve been dancing at Divine. This wedding wasn’t on my calendar at the start of the month, or I would have arranged things differently (and in retrospect, I should have rearranged them as soon as I RSVP’d yes, but it didn’t even occur to me until yesterday.)

And guess what? I don’t care! It was such a lovely night, every moment was worth it. This is another time when the future of my relationships take precedent over this short-term project, with no regrets. Trash pickup and nonfiction reading can happen any old day, but weddings are occasions not to be missed! My face hurts from all the happiness!

But I did do some things today. Let’s see what they were.

Daily Challenges

Intimate Time
CookingToday’s Menu: I had another breakfast shake today (instead of brunch, Guy slept in and I went to see our eldest two niblings take to the soccer field); I should have eaten more, but I only had a couple of string cheeses for lunch; I snacked on charcuterie at the wedding, followed by a Thanksgetting sandwich from Valhalla (the brides brought in a food truck!) Now that I’m writing, my tummy is grumbling for a midnight snack, so I might have to have a nibble on something….
Reading (Poetry)East River” by Lola Black is very brief, and seems to be an entreaty to the river to destroy construction crews (I think) working on tunnels under the East River (in New York City). It was published in 1920, which was right in the thick of the expansion of the subway system under the Dual Contracts. It sounds like Ms. Black is not a big fan of urban expansion, or perhaps trains, or maybe just the subjugation of nature for our own desires.
Reading (Fiction)The Poisonwood Bible is definitely winding down, and I am not ready for it to be over yet! But I should start thinking about what’s next.
Reading (Nonfiction)In case it wasn’t obvious from my poetry analysis above, I read about New York’s East River and some of the connected projects. I actually did not know that there were so many tunnels, and I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that many of them are over a hundred years old. I also didn’t know that the NYC subway system was developed through a public-private partnership, probably because the New York transit is self-guided.
MusicI did not play music, but I did sing a bit! Okay, I shouted along with songs while I was dancing at tonight’s wedding, but whatevs!
Postcard PoemI told Guy today that, so long as I don’t miss a postcard during this month, I won’t feel like a complete and total failure.

I found inspiration for my poem by just sitting and looking out the window, watching as a windstorm tore through our neighborhood:
In autumn, the sky bursts open
and leaves rust on their branches
before melting back into the earth
or ascending into the turbulence,
soaring like nimble acrobats past
falcons struggling like salmon
against invisible currents and waves
as the sun fights its losing battle
with the insistent darkness.
– Sarah Reebs, 10/26/2019
Trash PickupUm….tomorrow? I mean, I was at a wedding!

Today’s Challenges

So, aside from the wedding, which occupied about six hours, my day was full in its own right. First off, my day started earlier than it has in weeks, because I got up to go see our oldest niece and nephew play soccer for the last time this season. On the way home, I had to stop and get a gift card (because I forgot to when I shopped yesterday, like a dummy). Then back at our house, my mom dropped off her brand new sewing machine for me to borrow (because mine hit the skids). Then I decided that I couldn’t wear any of the shirts I owned with the bra top I wanted to wear to the wedding (a very cute pink sequined cropped bustier that makes me think of my bride friend, and matches my pink glitter fingernails), so my mom took me for a quick shopping trip to Ross, where I got a lace bodysuit with a nice low V to complete my outfit.

Then I had to whip up some buttercream to assemble the genoise sponges from yesterday, and decorate them with sprinkles:

It’s just a shame I didn’t end up going to the Halloween party, since the wedding ran longer than I thought it might (again, zero regrets!) Guy is doing his best to help me eat them all, but I’m afraid we can only consume so much cake. Who wants ’em?!

I did not do any songwriting. I had really hoped to, but I also didn’t really expect that I would. Because, did I mention? Wedding! I’m still aiming for a Tuesday recording date, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes!