One More Sleep

Everything starts tomorrow.

Am I ready? I mean, sort of. I had a great Monday night dance class and my spirits are high, so I’m generally optimistic. I feel more calm than anxious, and more prepared than not.

Today I went to the Ballard Food Bank for an orientation and to do an initial shift. I emailed the volunteer coordinator about which shift I’d like to fill going forward, and I got an out of office reply, so I’ll know more about that in a few days. I signed up for my library card online (I had UW library access before now, and tons of books that people have given me, so I just hadn’t needed one!) but I haven’t actually stopped by to pick up the card and get going—that’s the plan for tomorrow, either before or after I get some postcard stamps from the post office.

I think I have all my challenges figured out and set up on my calendar, with checkboxes for everything for each day. I tried to spread things out so that, aside from the daily things, I’m not doing more than 3 challenge tasks. I don’t want to be immediately overwhelmed and quit, I want some of these things to be actually sustainable.

I decided that writing a blog post each day, reflecting on my challenges for the day and my progress thus far, was enough of a challenge that I don’t need to add another. Consider this my 21st challenge! After I hit publish on this post, I’m going to go work on a template for the next 31 days of blog posts, and then get my yoga mat ready for some morning stretching tomorrow.